Don’t lose your mind during a lock-down!

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1. Re-watch your favorite move

Have you ever heard of movie therapy? It turns out that watching a favorite film can revitalize you.  You can get at least a couple of hours of relaxation and may help decrease your anxiety.  The different perspectives in the film can encourage you to be more innovative and creative when tackling issues in real life.

2. List down the names of people who inspire you

Instead of whiling away the time thinking how boring your day is going, grab a pen and a notepad and start writing down the names of people who inspired you throughout your life, as well as the impact they had on you.  Maybe call an old friend.  Reaching out to old friends via a simple phone call is such a small thing to do, but it can make both parties feel so much happier.  Keeping in touch builds you a stronger support network. Speaking with a friend and re-living memories of your adventures in fifth grade is rewarding and is sure to improve your mood.

3. Edit old photos

When we travel or visit, we often take a plethora of pictures. But how much time do we spend on those pictures?  Edit. Crop. Lighten dark images. Apply filters. Clean blemished. Delete repetitious images and make those great images become nearly perfect.  Organize your photos in a photo album if you choose, but also keep files on your computer in case any of them get damaged.

4. Work on your budget or personal finance.

Okay, I admit this is cheating.  This is “something” to do when you are bored.  But it is not something “fun” to do when bored.  However, it is well worth your time. So rather than just wasting time doing nothing when you are bored, it might be a nice change to accomplish some personal finance tasks like budgeting.

5. Change the decor

Move around the decor of the room. Move the bed. Table. And whatever else you have in the room into new positions.  Sometimes a new “look” of a room can be just the thing you need to overcome boredom.  Put your spare time to good use by organizing your closets (or anything else in need of some organization TLC.

6. Make and install bird feeders

Making a bird feeder is one way of overcoming boredom. Once you’ve set one up, you will be closer to nature, enjoying company of the winged kind.  Having different species visiting your feeder will also be a great educational opportunity for people of all ages. In addition, you’re helping the environment by encouraging flower pollination and bug control. 

7. Get a work-out through high-intensity activities

Studies show that even 15 minutes of high-intensity activity (clearing clutter in the attic, deep cleaning, yard work, organizing your pantry) provides the same benefits as jogging for 45 minutes. This keeps you occupied AND benefits you in multiple ways.

8. Be with your pet

Spending time with your pet has been proven to improve your quality of life and your health. You can teach your pet a neat trick.  Perhaps it’s time to give them a bath. Or you can take out your fur baby for a walk around the block or to the park. It will do both of you a whole lot of good.

9. Learn a new skill

There is always something new to learn. No matter how much you know, or how many skills you possess, the sheer volume of knowledge and skills means that you will never know everything.  You can always increase your brain power or even learn a new language. You do not need to spend hour-upon-hour to increase your facility with a second language. All you need is commitment to work on a few vocabulary words every single day.

10. Dance and sing

As adults, we far too often get away from the simple pleasures in life. Singing and dancing just for the pure joy of it.  If you are a bit bored, why not try some solo karaoke?  Put on your favorite music and belt out the verses along with your favorite artist.

Sing and dance like there is nobody watching… Because no one is watching.

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